Offsetting Our Emissions

Nordic Travel Leisure Group (Ving, Spies, Tjäreborg and Sunclass Airlines) want to make it easy for our guests to holiday more sustainable.

Tourism has many positive effects, such as jobs and meetings between cultures, but as we all know, it also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. We are constantly striving to reduce our emissions by streamlining our operations and investing in new technology with the goal of becoming fossil-free in the future. We also look forward to great potential in more sustainable fuels in aviation, but as long as we have emissions that cannot be prevented, our climate compensation program means that we invest in projects that reduce the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

We climate offset for all our guests' flights, regardless if they are flying with our own airline Sunclass Airlines or with other airlines booked through us. In addition, all our own Sunwing, Sunprime and O.B.C-hotels are included, as well as all bus transfers to and from the airports at the destinations. Our climate offsetting is included in the price of the trip.

• All flights for all 1.5 million guests in the Nordic region regardless of airlines (Ving, Spies, Tjäreborg).
• All bus transfers to and from the airport in all charter destinations, including 1.1 million guests.
• All Nordic guests staying at our own branded hotels Sunwing, Sunprime and O.B.C by Sunwing.

The company invests in projects through a partnership with Natural Capital Partners, NCP, a global emissions reduction leader. All projects follow the global standard The CarbonNeutral Protocol, which covers not only carbon dioxide emissions but all greenhouse gas emissions. Read more about Natural Capital Partners.

The projects we have chosen are water infrastructure projects in East Africa & Gambia, hydropower plants in Sri Lanka, wind power in Turkey & India as well as a tree planting project in Spain. The projects have a positive impact on local communities and more than 125,000 people, such as better health, infrastructure and more jobs. The projects are certified and meet the criteria of the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Gold Standard, a quality standard developed by WWF among others.

Classic charter – a climate smart holiday

The classic charter trip has a number of advantages from a sustainability perspective, such as:

✓ Our full transfer buses, sustainability certified hotels with high occupancy and almost fully booked flights, which results in significantly lower emissions per passenger compared to the average for regular airlines.

✓ Our Sunclass Airlines has among the lowest emissions in Europe per passenger. Which is because we fill our flights to just over 93%, and they usually fly directly to the destination and have few take-offs and landings. In 2018, emissions per passenger kilometer were down to 67 grams on our flights.
By comparison, international statistics show that on average European airlines emit about 90-100 grams per passenger kilometer. Flying with Sunclass Airlines is therefore one of the best options. In addition to that they are also certified by ISO 14001.

✓ Climate offsetting which includes all flights, transfers to and from the airports in all destinations and our own branded hotels: Sunwing, Sunprime and O.B.C. by Sunwing.